Research Group

foo I am delighted to be working with a group of very talented postdocs and graduate students.


Fathiyeh Faghih
Research: Synthesis of fault-tolerant systems
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Office: ITB

Umair Siddique
Research: Runtime Verification of Security Policies
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Office: ITB 220

Ph.D. Students

Noel Brette
Research: Runtime verification of security policies
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Office: (McMaster) ITB204

Ramy Medhat
Research: Resource-aware runtime verification
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Office: (Waterloo) E5 4116

Anh-Duy Vu
Research: Runtime monitoring and control of distributed CPS
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Office: (McMaster) ITB204

Wei Zhao
Research: Distributed Vehicle Routing in Physical Conditions CPS
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Office: (McMaster) ITB204

Master's Students

Shokoufeh Kazemlou
Research: Fault-tolerant distributed runtime verification
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Office: (McMaster) ITB 204


Ian McArthur

Opeyemi Salau

Past Members

Fathiyeh Faghih (PhD, 2015)
Thesis: Automated Synthesis of Timed and Distributed Fault-Tolerant Systems

Akhil Krishnan (Master's, 2016)
Thesis: Distributed Vehicle Routing Approximation

Mikhail Markov (Master's 2016)
Thesis: Multi-agent Distributed Graph Traveral

Menna Mostafa (Master's, 2016)
Thesis: Runtime Verification for Distributed Systems

Saba Aflaki (Master's, 2015)
Thesis: Automated Analysis and Optimization of Distributed Self-Stabilizing Algorithms

Yogi Joshi (Master's, 2015)
Thesis: RitHM: A Modular Software Framework for Runtime Monitoring Supporting Complete and Lossy Traces

Shreya Agrawal (Master's, 2015)
Thesis: Monitoring and Enforcement of Safety Hyperproperties