Graduate Courses
Academic Year 2017/2018

Term 1 Courses

NOTE: CAS 706 Starts September 5, 2017.

COMP SCI 6E03 Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Morteza Mirhoseini
SFWR ENG 6GA3 Real-Time Systems and Computer Game Applications Wenbo He
SFWR ENG 6HC3 The Human Computer Interface Adam Lenarcic
COMP SCI 6O03 Operations Research Zhongyan Guan
COMP SCI 6TE3 Continuous Optimization Algorithms Xiao Jiao Wang
CAS 701 Logic and Discrete Mathematics William Farmer
CAS 702 Data Structures and Algorithms George Karakostas
CAS 703 Software Design Emil Sekerinski
CAS 706 Programming Languages Jacques Carette
CAS 708 Scientific Computation Ned Nedialkov
CAS 741 Development of Scientific Computing Software Spencer Smith
CAS 748 Analysis and Synthesis of Sound Martin v. Mohrenschildt
CAS 750- Model-Based Image Reconstruction- Christopher Anand
CAS 757 Modern Software Technology for eHealth Reza Samavi
CAS 758 Advanced Compiler Design and Optimization Franya Franek
CAS 772 Mobile Data Analytics Rong Zheng

Term 2 Courses

NOTE: CAS 706 Starts September 5, 2017.

COMP SCI 6F03 Distributed Computer Systems Borzoo Bonakdarpour
SFWR ENG 6GC3 Sensory Perception, Cognition and Human-Computer Interfaces for Game Design TBA
COMP SCI 6TB3 Syntax Based Tools and Compilers TBA
COMP SCI 6WW3 Web Systems and Web Computing Douglas Stebila
CAS 704 Embedded, Real-Time Software Systems Mark Lawford
CAS 705 Computability and Complexity Ryszard Janicki
CAS 707 Formal Specification Techniques Wolfram Kahl
CAS 745 Supervisory Control of Discrete-Event Systems Ryan Leduc
CAS 750 Model-Based Image Reconstruction Christopher Anand
CAS 764 Advanced Topics in Data Management Fei Chiang
CAS 767 Information Privacy and Security Reza Samavi
CAS 769 Distributed Algorithms Borzoo Bonakdarpour
CAS 771 Introduction to Big Data Systems and Applications Wenbo He
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