Frequently asked questions for the Advanced Credit option M.Eng


The Department is offering M.Eng. degrees in Computer Science, Mechatronics Engineering, Software Engineering, and Virtual Systems Design.

What is this Advanced Credit Option for M.Eng. degrees?

You may take up to 2 courses at the 600 level in the fourth year o f study (level IV) of your undergraduate program. These are core 400 level courses in your program with an additional graduate component.

You still complete your undergraduate studies and obtain your B.Eng.

Then, if you enroll later in the one of the CAS accelerated M.Eng. programs, you will receive credit in the program for the 600-level courses that you have passed as undergraduate student. You will h ave to complete 4 more graduate courses (700 level courses) and a project to complete the M.Eng. degree.


After you complete your undergraduate studies, you may enter the graduate program. Graduate students typically take 2 graduate courses per term. If, after you complete your undergraduate studies in May, you complete the project before you take the graduate courses, then you can complete the M.Eng. degree in one year.


To be able to take advanced credit courses:

  • An average of B to B- in your third year of study
  • Invitation by the department after a review

To be admitted into graduate school after completing Level IV:

  • Completing the advanced credit courses with a minimum of B-
  • Having a minimum of B- sessional average in the fourth year of study (level IV) of your undergraduate program.

What is a 600-level course?

A 600-level course is essentially an undergraduate course, e.g. SFWR ENG 6AA3/4AA3, with additional course work, commonly extra assignments or a course project, beyond the requirements for undergraduate students taking the corresponding 400-level course.

Which 600-level courses can I take?

For the M.Eng. in Computer Science:

  • Any two 600 level course offered by the Department of Computing and Software.

For the M.Eng. in Mechatronics Engineering:

  • MECHTRON 6AA4 Real-Time Systems and Control Applications.
  • MECH ENG 6K03 Robotics.

the M.Eng. in Software Engineering and Virtual Systems Design:

  • SFWR ENG 6AA4 Real-Time Systems and Control Applications.
  • SFWR ENG 6GC3 Sensory Perception, Cognition and Human/Computer Interfaces for Game Design.

What is the M.Eng. project ?

For the project component of the M.Eng., you work under the supervision of a faculty member and write a report. The project duration is typically 4 months. A project might be completed at a company, but has to be conducted under the supervision of a Faculty member supervising students within the graduate program.

If you have any question about the M.Eng. programs please refer to the Degree Regulations

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