Here are some common forms (or links to get to a form) the department uses.

Online Course Permission Waiver Form
An Online form for students who require special permission to enroll in a course. Waivers will be granted only under exceptional circumstances. If connecting from off campus, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is needed.

This form is ** ONLY ** needed if you want to enrol in a course that you DO NOT have the pre-requisites for. When filling out your reason on the form, state which course(s) you are missing AND why you think you have the background to take the course.

This form does not replace registration through Mosaic and it also will not help if the course is already full.

** DO NOT ** use this form for course conflicts.
Use the following PDF document for course conflicts:
Engineering Course Conflicts Form

Undergraduate TA Application Form (PDF)
This form is for students who are interested in tutoring and/or marking a course in our department. Electronic submission preferred.
Undergraduate Timesheet Form (PDF)
A timetable paysheet form.
TA/RA Hours of Work form
A webpage to the Graduate Hours of Work form.
Travel Expense Submission Checklist Form (PDF)
A checklist form for travel expenses.
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