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Department of Computing & Software
1280 Main St. West
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4K1
Phone: (905) 525-9140

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For email, please add unless otherwise stated.

Ridha Khedri         ext: 23163    office: ITB 131    email: khedri
Undergraduate Advisor - Software Engineering
Jacques Carette         ext: 26869    office: ITB 168    email: carette
Undergraduate Advisor - Mechatronics Engineering
Martin v. Mohrenschildt         ext: 23844    office: ITB 164    email: mohrens
Undergraduate Advisor - Computer Science
George Karakostas         ext: 26132    office: ITB 218    email: karakos
Graduate Advisor-Software Engineering, Mechatronics, Virtual System Design
Ryan Leduc         ext: 27962    office: ITB 247    email: leduc
Graduate Advisor - Computer Science
Wenbo He         ext: 27769    office: ITB 214    email: hew11
Laurie LeBlanc     ext: 22887    office: ITB 202A    email: leblanl
Administrative Assistant
Tina Macala     ext: 22852    office: ITB 202    email: macalat
Graduate Assistant
Vivian Robinson     ext: 27863    office: ITB 202    email: vrobin
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