Research in Computing and Software

Advanced Optimization Laboratory (AdvOL)

rsch_advol logo The Advanced Optimization Group aims for excellence in research in theoretical and applied aspects of optimization, both discrete and continuous. This goal is pursued by coupling the provided state-of-the-art infrastructure installed in the Advanced Optimization Laboratory with the strengths of the participating faculty and students.

Algorithms Research Group

The Algorithms Research Group (ARG) concerns itself with the design, analysis and implementation of fundamental algorithms, both combinatorial and numerical, that underlie many computer applications as well as the operation of the computer itself.

Data Science Research Lab

The data science research group at McMaster University focuses on research in database systems, data cleaning, data analytics, information extraction, and web data management. We participate in cross-disciplinary collaborations in the health care, finance, and consulting industries.

Embedded Systems Laboratory

rsch_esl logo In the Embedded Systems Laboratory over the years build several devices, sensors for used in industrial applications, some of them are commercial products. This includes Vibration analysis systems (sensors, data acquisition units), hardware and software for an alternative fuel injection controller for automotive applications and others. We are equipped to develop and prototype micro controller based systems/sensors and the corresponding computer applications.

FRAISE (Formal Requirements and Information Security Enhancement)

rsch_fraise logo The FRAISE research group focuses on developing and applying a range of formally based techniques for enhancing information confidentiality and specifying and analysing software requirements.

Immersive Simulation Laboratory

rsch_isl logo The use of virtual environment simulators for training in complex and potentially dangerous situations (e.g. flight and driver training, medical procedures) is a growing and critically important area of research. Technological advances are making simulators more affordable, but there are critical questions unanswered about how people respond and learn in such environments, and how such environments should be designed to enhance the learning experience. We designed and custom build our own full motion simulator for driving and flying, in which we can present accurately timed stimuli (visual, motion, audio, force feedback) to test subjects and measure (EEG, eye-tracking, control response times) their responses.


The MathScheme project aims to develop a new approach to mechanized mathematics in which computer algebra and computer theorem proving are merged without sacrificing power or soundness. We are working on both the theoretical and practical aspects of this problem, aiming to build an integrated mechanized mathematics system.

McMaster Centre for Software Certification

rsch_mcscert logo McMaster Centre for Software Certification

Resource Allocation and Stochastic Systems Lab

rsch_rassl logo The Resource Allocation and Stochastic Systems Lab is generally concerned with the analysis and control of distributed systems operating in random environments. The tools are generally those of stochastic models, for both analysis and for insight into developing practical scheduling policies.

Software Quality Research Laboratory (SQRL)

rsch_sqrl logo The Software Quality Research Labaratory is a group of researchers working together to improve the quality of software products. We perform fundamental research, applied research, technology transfer, and contractual software quality assessments.

Wireless System Research Group

rsch_wiser logo The Wireless System Research Group (WiSeR) at McMaster University conducts research of social impacts on a variety of communication, networking, data analytics and system issues in Cyber Physical Systems, mobile computing and social networks.
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