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Upcoming Seminars

Compliance checking with ISO 26262 using Conceptual Modeling

Zahra Naqvi
MASc Defense

Date: 2017-09-21     Time: 10:00:00     Room: ITB 225


With the advancement in technology in the automotive sector, there is an increase in the need of
safety assurance of road vehicles. ISO 26262 is a safety critical standard intended to be
applied to safety-related E/E systems in series passenger cars. The standard also addresses the
possible hazards caused by the failure of these systems and uses a risk-based approach to ensure
functional safety of the systems. It is inefficient to go through the entire standard during the
product design and development phases to check if the product is in compliance with the
standard. Therefore, we present an idea of using conceptual modeling to help verify the E/E
systems with ISO 26262.

Sponsor(s): CAS
Contact(s): Tom Maibaum

Achieving practical cybersecurity by acknowledging human users

Sonia Chiasson
PhD, Canada Research Chair in User Centric Cybersecurity; Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, Carleton University

Date: 2017-10-02     Time: 13:00:00     Room: ABB 136


There is a prevailing belief that users are the weakest link the security chain.  I will discuss
how this perspective is inherently counterproductive to achieving increased cyber security and
explore alternatives with a higher chance of improving security. Why do users behave insecurely
even though most will readily state that security and privacy are important to them?  This talk
will cover some of our research exploring reasons why users' actions do not necessarily reflect
their desire for security.  I will discuss our work  using eye-tracking to determine how users
make phishing determinations,  and how we can persuade users to behave more securely through
improving their mental models of passwords and by making adjustments to the system

Sponsor(s): CAS
Contact(s): Fei Chiang

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