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Computer Science Courses
Academic Year 2017/2018

Term 1 Courses

COMP SCI 1JC3 Introduction to Computational Thinking William Farmer
COMP SCI 2DM3 Discrete Mathematics with Applications I Wolfram Kahl
COMP SCI 2GA3 Computer Architecture Ryan Leduc
COMP SCI 2S03 Principles of Programming Haya Ghalalini
COMP SCI 2XA3 Computer Science Practice and Experience: Software Development Franya Franek
COMP SCI 3DB3 Databases Fei Chiang
COMP SCI 3GC3 Computer Graphics Thomas Gwosdz
COMP SCI 3IS3 Information Security Douglas Stebila
COMP SCI 3MI3 Principles Of Programming Languages Franya Franek
COMP SCI 3RA3 Software Requirements and Security Considerations Ryszard Janicki
COMP SCI 3SD3 Concurrent Systems Ryszard Janicki
COMP SCI 4E03 Performance Analysis of Computer Systems Morteza Mirhoseini
COMP SCI 4HC3 Human Computer Interaction Adam Lenarcic
COMP SCI 4O03 Operations Research Zhongyan Guan
COMP SCI 4TE3 Continuous Optimization Algorithms Xiao Jiao Wang
COMP SCI 4ZP6A Computer Science Capstone Project Christopher Anand

Term 2 Courses

COMP SCI 1MD3 Introduction to Programming Douglas Stebila
COMP SCI 1TA3 Elementary Computing And Computer Use TBA
COMP SCI 1XA3 CS Practice & Experience: Basic Concepts Curtis D'Alves
COMP SCI 2C03 Data Structures and Algorithms TBA
COMP SCI 2FA3 Discrete Mathematics with Applications II William Farmer
COMP SCI 2ME3 Introduction to Software Development Spencer Smith
COMP SCI 2XB3 Computer Science Practice and Experience: Binding Theory to Practice Reza Samavi
COMP SCI 3AC3 Algorithms and Complexity George Karakostas
COMP SCI 3EA3 Software Specifications and Correctness TBA
COMP SCI 3FP3 Functional Programming TBA
COMP SCI 3I03 Communication Skills Fei Chiang
COMP SCI 3SH3 Operating Systems TBA
COMP SCI 4C03 Computer Networks and Security Rong Zheng
COMP SCI 4F03 Distributed Computer Systems Borzoo Bonakdarpour
COMP SCI 4TB3 Syntax Based Tools and Compilers TBA
COMP SCI 4WW3 Web Systems and Web Computing Douglas Stebila
COMP SCI 4X03 Scientific Computation TBA
COMP SCI 4ZP6B Computer Science Capstone Project Christopher Anand

Term 3 Courses

COMP SCI 4EN3 Software Entrepreneurship Christopher Anand
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