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Short Java
Project Goal:
Write a complete Java code generator for a new language, SJ,
which is a language semantically equivalent to Java, but
whose grammar avoids most of the pitfalls of verbosity of
Java.  Explore the effective savings of SJ over Java.

Project Description:

Writing Java code often includes rather significant tedious
and repetitive code chunks to be written, as well as
frequent unecessary verbosity.  A lot of this can be
significantly alleviated through generative techniques,
program transformation techniques, as well as through some
context-sensitive operations.

The project would involve more than just writing an
SJ-to-Java code generator, but also the investigation of
further Java code-patterns that could be easily incorporated
in to the SJ grammar/generator.

Skills needed:
Registration in the Compilers course highly encouraged.

Software to be used:
It is expected that a Java parser will be re-used (there are
many available).

Project Information:
  Created by:
  Date created: 2004-09-13
  Current status: in progress