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The Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) at Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University, is a group of faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and students working to bring more engineering discipline and precision into software development. Our efforts focus on two primary issues, software structure and software documentation. As a by-product of these efforts, we have developed a very effective method of software inspection. SERG's goal is not to extend computer science, but to make existing theory and mathematics useful in practice. While seeking to solve practical problems, we want to make sure that our methods and tools are built on a sound and well understood basis.

The work being done by this group is made possible through the establishment of an Industrial Research Chair jointly funded by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) and Bell Canada , NSERC Strategic and Research (operating) Grants, and a contract with CITO (Communications and Information Technology Ontario) formerly TRIO (Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario).

Our work is based upon the observation that tabular mathematical expressions can be used to provide the precision of mathematics with the ease of use required by software developers. Our efforts fall into four categories:

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