Preliminary Requirements Checking Tool

Mr. Ou Wei


Requirements play an important role in software systems developments. The impact of errors in requirements is costly, especially for safety and critical systems. Two kinds of properties are necessary in a formal requirements specification, application-independent properties and application properties. Application-independent properties are simple properties derived from the underlying formal requirements model and specification notation. Although detecting the failure to satisfy the application-independent properties is usually simple, the large size of requirements documents means that reviewers must spend considerable time and effort checking them. Computer-supported preliminary checking tools are necessary for industrial application of formal requirements methods and improving the quality of requirements documents.

In this thesis, a Preliminary Requirements Checking Tool (PRCT) is developed for this purpose. It checks the application-independent properties for SCR style requirements. The properties checked by PRCT are derived from the Four Variable Requirements Model [29] and Generalized Tabular Notation [27,1]. The development of PRCT is based on the previous work on the Table Tool System (TTS) [31]. This tool will help to automatically check for errors like wrong syntax, undefined variables and circular definitions in requirements specification and will serve as a preprocessor for more advanced tools that will check the critical application properties of requirements.