"Interpreting Data Network Language on a Single Processor"

Mr. Feng Cui


There is such a large amount of varied information available on the Internet that it is hard for a human to query this information without efficient tools. Using structured relational data can greatly improve our ability to search for data and data compute new information across networks. The McMaster University Software Engineering Research Group (McSERG) proposes to use binary relations to organise data on networks and use binary relation operations to do information query. A new language, Data Network Language (DNL) [15], has been developed by McSERG to apply this idea. This thesis presents the design and development of the Data Network Language Interpreter System, which is the implementation of DNL. By means of examples, this thesis shows how the use of DNL can improve the consistency and completeness in information retrieve.

[15] X. Yan, Data Network Language Design, SERG Report 390, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, September 2000.