Sequential Scenarios Verification and Integration using Tabular Expressions

Dr. Ridha Khedri


Determining requirements is acknowledged to be one of the most crucial activities in system development. Documenting the requirements of a software system requires translating observations about the real world to precise mathematical specifications. Related to this topic, we present a method to accomplish the following tasks:
(i) Expressing system behaviour directly from the user's point of view; (ii) Detecting the incompleteness of behavioural descriptions; (iii) Uncovering inconsistency in scenarios provided by users; (iv) Integrate many partial views (scenarios) to obtain a more complete view of the user-system interactions.

Many methods have been proposed for formulating and analysing requirements. The method presented in this report is based on a relational formalism, uses scenarios to help expressing system behaviour directly from the user's point of view, and uses tabular expressions to represent relations of the formal scenarios and to increase our means to communicate well with users.

Keywords: Scenario, integration, user-system interaction, requirements elicitation, relational approach, state-based approach, tabular representation, theorem prover, PVS.