What is SQRLNET?

The Software Quality Research Network is a group of research laboratories that work together to advance research and education on the development of high quality software. SQRLNET members do joint research with McMaster's Software Quality Research Laboratory (SQRL), participate in SQRL sponsored seminars, and contribute to SQRL short courses. SQRLNET members have their own industrial supporters and are able to offer better services to their sponsors because of their membership in SQRLNET.

The importance of software quality research

Software has become a critical technology. It is essential for telephone networks, aircraft, elevators, medical devices, banking machines, manufacturing, chemical plants, satellites, power plants and many other systems that are important for our health, safety, and well-being. Software is also used in the design of many products that do not contain software. Furthermore, software is also critical for today's business operations. In all of these applications, the quality of the product or service does not depend on the quality of some software.

Unfortunately, even after more than 30 years of research and development, software remains an unmastered technology. In spite of many advances in our theoretical understanding, most software is delivered to customers with serious faults. Modern software has truly impressive capabilities, but it is so badly designed and documented that users find it hard to take advantage of those capabilities. Moreover, users find software to be unreliable and no guarantee is provided; in fact, where most products carry a guarantee, packaged software has a disclaimer.

The time has come to focus on the software quality problem and find ways to make fundamental improvements in our software development processes. It is also time to accept the fact that the problem is not a simple one and cannot be solved by simple "magic bullets" or more enlightened management. Research is required to develop new methods, notations, and tools that work with real software. This research will require close cooperation between researchers with a broad variety of expertise and industry with a broad variety of problems.

What does SQRLNET do?

The Software Quality Research Laboratory (SQRL) was formed by a group of McMaster researchers who are determined to make real progress towards better quality software. It serves as a research institute , a technology transfer institute , a meeting ground for researchers and software developers a software evaluation service , and an educational institution . SQRLNET is a group of researchers at other universities and research organisations that collaborate with SQRL.

SQRLNET benefits

In addition to the obvious benefits of collaboration in academic research, SQRLNET members will be able to participate in video-conferenced seminars and short-courses. SQRLNET will also bring its members into closer contact with industrial software developers and other potential research sponsors. Students from SQRLNET institutions will be assisted in visiting other SQRLNET institutions for joint research or short courses.

SQRLNET membership fees

Research groups wishing to join SQRLNET can do so for a contribution of US $500 per year.

SQRLNET membership fees will be used:

Fee Waiver

Since the cost of a webcast seminar is substantial, SQRLNET membership fees will be waived for any academic institutions that provides two seminars to the net per year.

More about SQRL

A more detailed description of SQRL activities is available from the contacts listed below.


To discuss SQRL and SQRLNET, you may contact:

Doris Burns
(905) 525-9140, ext. 27377

Alan Wassyng
Acting Director
(905) 525-9140, ext. 26072

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