Science Odyssey 2018 @ Mac

For Science Odyssey 2018, McMaster Computing and Software Outreach taught children at Glen Brae, Lincoln Alexander, Nora Henderson, Ridgemount, Saginaw, St Luke, and Westview to create animations in the programming language Elm, with the challenge of illustrating K-2 reading words. We then taught high school students at Westmount to make games, and challenged them to make reading games to use the word animations. Here are the results:
  • Image Direction
  • Word Match
  • Jumbled
  • Letter Seek
  • Letter Drag
  • Some children even had fun doing it!

    We made a few games of our own

  • Monty Hall Simulator
  • Flashlight
  • Choose4
  • And we even have one to play as a class using a smartboard.
  • Letter Drop
  • If you know any K-2 teachers, please share our games with them.