Hello I'm

Noel Brett

I am a current Ph.D. Student in the Department of Computing and Software in McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Jacques Carette. I received my Bachelors of Honours in Applied Sciences (B.A.Sc) from McMaster University in 2015 for Computer Science.

Research Interests

  • Formal methods: Metaprogramming, Mechanized Mathematics, Epistemic Logic, Temporal Logic, Formalization of Mathematics in Higher-Order-Logic, Software Verification
  • Games Studies: Avatars, Digital Ethnography, Online Cultures, Gender Representation Online, Game User Interfaces, Critical Life Studies

  • News

  • Accepted to the 20th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association
  • Appointed President for Life in Computing and Software!
  • Will be presenting my work at the AAA's annual conference
  • Appointed Vice President Operations for Life in Computing and Software
  • Appointed for the Student Life and International Officer for the Engineering Graduate Society!
  • Two extended abstracts accepted at DiGRA 2018!
  • Awarded Runner-up for the CAS's first poster presentation
  • Elected Computing and Software Rep for the Engineering Graduate Society
  • Paper accepted in Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS-2017)