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Tuesday, Friday 11:00-12:30 in ITB/222.

Textbooks and web materials

Types and Programming Languages Benjamin C. Pierce
Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms Allen Tucker and Robert Noonan.
There is some very useful material at the following pages: When in the mood to look at weird languages, I definitely recommend I recently found a nice comparison of the extension benefits of OO vs functional. Clearly lays out the tradeoffs involved. I could also talk about how FP is (mostly) based on initial algebras and OO on co-algebras, but that might not enlighten many amongst you! For specific languages, I recommend: All the sites above contain executables and lots of documentation.



Additional resources

The slides from this course on programming languages are also topical.

Googling for "introduction to lambda calculus" and "lambda calculus interpreter" yield a lot of useful resources

Mar 2006