McMaster University
CAS 752 -- Symbolic Analysis

Meeting Time

Friday 12:30-15:30 in ITB/222.


This course will explore the topic of exact, or closed-form, analysis (or calculus) by computer. This requires merging topics from Computer Algebra, classical analysis and constructive mathematics. Topics covered will involve computations of limits, series, integrals of functions, as well as closed-form solution of algebraic and differential equations. Very close attention will be paid to underlying semantics issues. Outline:
  1. Introduction to Computer Algebra
  2. Overview of current capabilities and methodologies in ``symbolic analysis''
  3. Differences between ``symbolic analysis'' and ``computable analysis''
  4. Study of how to migrate from ``symbolic computation'' and ``computer algebra'' to ``symbolic analysis'', via case studies
A good understanding of Logic and of classical calculus is required. Some familiarity with computer algebra and programming language semantics would be an asset, but are not required.

Sep 2007