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SFWR ENG 3GB3, Term I 2006/07

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Lectures and Tutorials

Monday 11:30-12:20 in BSB/115, Tuesday 12:30-13:20 in BSB/340, Friday 10:30-11:20 in BSB/318


Dr. J. Carette, ITB-168 , ext 26869

Office hours: by appointment (or catch me after class).

For all course related questions, a class forum has been set up on WebCT so that questions and their answers can be posted centrally. The instructor will generally not answer emails sent to him directly, but will answer questions posted on the discussion forum(s) very frequently. [Questions of a personal nature can still be emailed to the instructor]

Teaching Assistant

John McCutchan (john [at] johnmccutchan [dot] com)


Game Physics, by David Eberly (Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann).

Course Objectives

The calendar description says: Design of time-evolution of/in three dimensional spaces. Dynamical systems (discrete and continuous). Physical and artificial systems. Design patterns of 4D modelling. This basically means the mathematical and physical foundations of moving three dimensional objects, and their implementation methods.

In more detail, the topics that will be (were) covered are (were):

Course Information on Web, and Slides

The latest version of this outline and the most "up-to date" information as well as hand-outs can be found on the course web page.
(Or go to my home page and then to the course page). The slides and assignments can be found there as well.

Mid-terms, Exams, and Grading



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