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Software Development for Electrical Engineering

SFWR ENG 3M04, Term I 2003/04

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Lectures and Tutorials

Monday, Wednesday, 11:30-12:20, Friday 13:30-14:20 in TSH/B105


Dr. J. Carette, ITB-168 , ext 26869,

Office Hours: TBD

Teaching Assistants

Mohammed Smadi ( and Feng (Stephen) Tao (

Course Pack and Textbook

This courses uses both a course pack and a textbook, as follows: [Note: SE 3M04 and SE 3K04 use the same course pack, the above is not a typo]

Course Objectives

This course is for people who already know how to program and are familiar with the use of programming languages. The topics of the course are: Basic methods of specifying, designing and documenting software systems; mathematical foundations of formal specifications; modularity; module interface design; coding style; verification and inspection; testing.

Course Information on Web, Project and Slides

The latest version of this outline and the most "up-to date" information as well as hand-outs can be found on the course web page.
(Or go to my home page and then to the course page). The slides and assignments can be found there as well. Note that all assignments are to be handed in through WebCT.

Mid-terms, Exams, and Grading

Outline of the course lectures

The following outline is approximate and is likely to change.


Slides will be made available online after the lectures.



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