First deliverable: High-concept document

Should contain:

  1. High concept (basic idea of the game)
  2. Features which make it different
  3. Basic idea of the world, and the characters of that world
  4. Player's motivation
  5. Unique selling points
  6. Genre
  7. Similar games, and games that inspired this one [not just a list, but a proper description]
  8. Target market (i.e. target player profile)
  9. Design Goals

Should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the 'history' of this world
  2. What motivates the characters in this world (including the player)
  3. What is going to be the graphic style? Sound/music style? Why?
  4. Is there a background story to this game? Is there a story being played out in the game?
  5. What is the player's goal?
  6. What are the winning and/or termination conditions?
  7. Are there specific items in this game that are 'special'? Specific locations?
  8. Will it be open world?
  9. What will be the player's role? Player's primary interaction model?
  10. What will be the principal camera model?
  11. What is the experience that you are designing for the player?