Emil Sekerinski

Prospective Students


Interested in Undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. Work?

  1. I am actively recruiting students who are enthusiastic about programming languages and tools, program correctness, concurrency, components, embedded systems, or heterogeneous computing.

  2. The group has currently an undergrad student, a Master’s student, three Ph.D. students, and a postdoc. Occasionally a summer student joins us. All students receive financial support or have scholarships. I always encourage my students to present their work at conferences. We are pretty active, we have frequent group meetings for bouncing off ideas and have daily informal discussions.

  3. Strong preference is given to applicants with a scholarship, e.g. from OGS and NSERC for Canadian applicants and Chinese Scholarship Council for applicants from China. When contacting me, please state if you are eligible for a scholarship!

  4. Applications to Computing and Software are first reviewed by a committee for eligibility (I cannot comments on your chances to be eligible) and then the supervisor makes a decision (and provides funding). At that point, you have to convince me! The best way is to get familiar with my research and engage me in a discussion. However, my research interests are much broader than these pages suggest, not everything is put on the web right away!

  5. McMaster is a great place to study! We have a unique structure by offering undergraduate programs in both Computer Science in the science sense and Software Engineering in the traditional engineering sense, leading to lots of cross-fertilization in teaching and research. Computing and Software has one of the worldwide largest and strongest groups in the broad area of “formal methods”. McMaster is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Canada. Hamilton is easy to reach from Toronto Pearson airport. It is one hour away from Niagara Falls and one hour from Toronto, situation directly on Lake Ontario. McMaster has a beautiful campus. Many students live in the mature Westdale neighbourhood.

To Current McMaster Students

  1. Please feel free to drop by, I have an open door policy. Give me a call or send me a message to be sure that I am around.

  2. If you are an undergraduate student looking for a summer job, check if you are eligible for Work-Study or for NSERC USRA; either one makes it much more likely to be made a financially attractive offer.

To International Applicants

  1. All admitted students receive funding. International students are not admitted without being offered funding. Sorry, you can’t get admitted based on your own savings!

  2. You can get admitted with a scholarship from your country. For example, we have students supported by Chinese Scholarship Council.