C and C++ code from the book Memory as a programming concept in C and C++  (from each chapter only the more significant programs or code fragments are posted here; the extension .c signifies a C source code, the extension .h signifies a C header file, the extension .cpp signifies a C++ source code, and .hpp signifies a C++ header file):

    Chapter 1:   no code
    Chapter 2:   no code
    Chapter 3:  
    Chapter 4:   no code
    Chapter 5:  
    Chapter 6:   ch6_1.cpp
    Chapter 7:   no code
    Chapter 8:  
ch8_1.cpp, ch8_2.cpp, ch8_3.cpp, ch8_4.cpp, ch8_5.cpp, ch8_6.cpp, ch8_7.cpp
    Chapter 9:   ch9_1.c, ch9_2.c, ch9_3.c, ch9_4.cpp, ch9_5.cpp
    Chapter 10:   ch10_1.cpp
    Chapter 11:   ch11_1.c, ch11_2.c, ch11_3.c
    Appendices:  Hanoi Tower Problem: hanoi.c
                         Logging functions:  log.h, log.c
                         Memory tracing: Makefile, memtrace.hpp, memtrace.cpp
                         Object counting: Makefile, obtrace.hpp, count.cpp, trace.hpp, trace.c

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