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COMPSCI 4ZP6  Course Outline

Capstone Project
Term I+II, 2022 / 23

Link to CS 4ZP6 homepage (www.cas.mcmaster.ca/~franek/courses/cs4zp6)

The instructor and the university reserve the right to modify elements of the course during the term. The university may change the dates and deadlines for any or all courses in extreme circumstances. If either type of modification becomes necessary, reasonable notice and communication with the students will be given with explanation and the opportunity to comment on changes. It is the responsibility of the student to check his/her McMaster email and course websites daily during the term and to note any changes.


F. Franek, ITB-126
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office hours are variable, so please, first check Prof. Franek's website where the current office hours
are posted:  http://www.cas.mcmaster.ca/~franek

Course Assistance (Teaching Assistants)


Student Course Evaluation

        The student course evaluation is conducted on-line in the period TBA.


Poject schedule
Stage Description Due date Deliverables Submission
Stage 1
Groups formed
projects selected
supervisers chosen
End of September Initial document
PDF file, electronic via
the website
Stage 2
End of October Requirements document

PDF file, electronic via
the website
Stage 3
Software Design End of November Design document

PDF file, electronic via
the website
Stage 4
Prototype End of December source code

submitted to SVN repository
Stage 5
Implementation End of January source code+document

PDF document submitted electronically vua the website
code submitted to SVN repository
Stage 6

revision of code

End of February source code+document

PDF document submitted electronically vua the website
code submitted GITHUB repository
Stage 7 Final implementation End of March source code+document
material for Expo
PDF document submitted electronically via the website
code and expo material submitted to GITHUB repository
Stage 8 Faculty of Engineering
Expo 2022/23
April 11 see here installed in the Expo

Calendar Description

Students, in teams of two to four students, undertake a substantial project in an area of computer science by performing each step of the software life cycle. The lecture component presents an introduction to software management and project management.

Lecture component in term one, weekly tutorials; two terms
Registration in Level IV of an Honours Computer Science program, Honours Business Informatics or Honours Computer Science as a Second Degree (B.A.Sc.)

Course Objectives

Student teams prepare the requirements, design, documentation and implementation of a reasonably complex sofwtare system according to sound Sofwtare Engineering principles. Students must demonstrate a working system and convincing test results and the process must be well documented.

Student Assessment (Grading)

Evaluation is based on the 8 stages and the evaluation of the final project and the individual efforts

each stage is worth 9 %


Expo Video (see Expo info)


Expo poster (see Expo info)


Evaluation of the final project as a group


Individual evaluation of memebrs

8 %


Prescribed text: None

The info and consultation notes

Instructor Specific Information

Most of the communication and the course management is provided via the course website. It is the responsibility of each student to check the website regularly and keep informed about the course and possible changes. Some of the course website features are only accessible to students with a valid course password. A valid password is created by the student registered in the course via the course website.


Students with disabilities can receive accommodations to assist them in the completion of lab and home projects. Please contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at https://sas.mcmaster.ca/ for advice and for arranging assistance. Students are also encouraged to talk to the instructor about this issue.


The Faculty of Engineering is concerned with ensuring an environment that is free of all adverse discrimination. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved by discussion among the persons concerned individuals are reminded that they should contact the Department Chair, the Sexual Harassment Officer or the Human Rights Consultant, as soon as possible.

University Advisory Statements

Please, see or download the following PDF file: University Advisory Statements

Outline revised: Oct 19, 2022