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I am Enamul Haque (Moni) pursing my Masters in Computer Science at McMaster University (Data Science Research Group) under the supervision of Dr. Fei Chiang. My main research area involves experimentation around Data but as you know this is a vast field with intersection of many other areas like: Machine Learning, Statistics, Ontology, Knowledge Representation, Information Retrieval etc. so to cover maximum area is a challenging task and I took the challenge as my research area to pursue as far as possible.

I am mostly focused on applied side but want to have good hold of the theories require to make powerful applications. By powerful I mean, useful, effective, efficient and sustainable systems. I have taken courses on Big Data, Software Design (Concurrency), Logic & Discrete Mathematics and Information Security and Privacy.  As a TA I also worked on Algorithm, Data Structure courses with undergrads. Currently my research topic is inconsistency handling in multidimensional ontologies.


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