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William Hua

BEng (McMaster University)

Supervisor: Antoine Deza
Office: ITB 116 (Optimization Lab)

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Participated on an awesome team with Jay Bourne, Chris Brown, Mike Darmitz, and FanFan Huang for the really amazing TOJam 3. Our game won People's Choice Silver.

Region of convergence


Introduction to mathematical modelling of systems. Tutorials are every Friday at 1:30 pm in MDCL 1309! Office hours are T, W, Th @ 15:30, ITB 116.

A flower arrangement


Visualize arrangements of planes in 3D with this nifty tool. The source is available, as well as a binary for Windows XP. Requires Lua 5.1, SDL 1.2, and OpenGL.

Sanjay, Shiqi and me

Programming contest

Quite a few personal photos (thanks to Dr. Wassyng) from the 2007 ACM ICPC ECNA RPC. Teamed up with Sanjay and Shiqi, both of whom are exceptionally talented! Good times!

A nice landing

Eofsim flight simulator

For the 2007 McMaster Engineering Olympics, Ryan Lortie and I made a controlled simulation environment for high school students to compete in. The goal? Program a LEGO RCX brick to land an airplane.

Berge sorting

Berge sorting

The late mathematician Claude Berge first presented this combinatorial problem in 1966. Here, you'll find an interactive Java applet with solutions.