Graduate Courses (since 2010)

CAS 705, Computability and Complexity

CAS 703, Software Design

CAS 707, Formal Specification Techniques

CAS 724, Concurrency Theory


Undergraduate Courses (since 2010)

COMP SCI 2C03, Data Structures and Algorithms

COMP SCI 3SD3, Concurrent Systems

SOFT ENG 3BB4, Software Design III – Concurrent System Design

COMP SCI 3AC3, Algorithms and Complexity

SOFT ENG 2FA3, Discrete Mathematics and Logic I

COMP SCI / SOFT ENG 2C03, Algorithms and Data Structures

COMP SCI 2MJ3, Theory of Computation

COMP SCI / SOFT ENG 3RA3, Software Requirements and Security Considerations


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