Beyond Pretty-Printing: Galley Concepts in Document Formatting Combinators

Wolfram Kahl

pp. 76-90 in Gopal Gupta (ed.): Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages, First International Workshop, PADL '99, San Antonio, Texas, USA, January 1999, Proceedings, LNCS 1551, Springer-Verlag, January 1999.

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Galleys have been introduced by Jeff Kingston as one of the key concepts underlying his advanced document formatting system Lout. Although Lout is built on a lazy functional programming language, galley concepts are implemented as part of that language and defined only informally.

In this paper we present a first formalisation of document formatting combinators using galley concepts in the purely functional programming language Haskell.

The Haskell code is available here.

Wolfram Kahl