A Study on Symmetric Quotients

Hitoshi Furusawa, Wolfram Kahl

Technical Report Nr. 1998-06, 28 pages
Fakultät für Informatik
Universität der Bundeswehr München
December 1998
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Symmetric quotients, introduced in the context of heterogeneous relation algebras, have proven useful for applications comprising for example program semantics and databases.

Recently, the increased interest in fuzzy relations has fostered a lot of work concerning relation-like structures with weaker axiomatisations.

In this paper, we study symmetric quotients in such settings and provide many new proofs for properties previously only shown in the strong theory of heterogeneous relation algebras. Thus we hope to make both the weaker axiomatisations and the many applications of symmetric quotients more accessible to people working on problems in some specific part of the wide spectrum of relation categories.


Wolfram Kahl --- 24 February 1999