Dynamic Models and Control
of Physical Systems

This page is intended for Software Engineering students taking my SE/TRON 3DX4 course.

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 17:30-18:20 in KTH/B135.

Labs: ITB/134. Labs start the week of Jan. 13, 2014.

See here for the SE/TRON lab safety manual. You will be tested on the material in the manual before you will be allowed to use the lab equipment.

Office hours: Fridays 14:00-14:50 (term 2).

Midterm: 17:30-18:30, Monday Feb 10, 2014. Location: KTH/B135.

TAs: Margaree Peacocke (peacocmh aT mcmaster DoT ca), Nicholas Moore (moorenc aT mcmaster DoT ca), Archana Mallya (mallya aT mcmaster DoT ca), and Andrii Shelegeda (shelega aT mcmaster DoT ca).

SE/TRON 3DX4 course outline, lecture slides and assignments etc. can be found here.

Ryan Leduc