Tom Maibaum


I joined McMaster University and the department of Computing and Software in June 2004 after spending 25 years in the UK at Imperial College London and King’s College London. I was awarded theCanada Research Chair (Tier I) in the Foundations of Software Engineering in September 2004 (renewed for another 7 years in 2011). I am part of the software engineering research group and the Software Quality Research Laboratory.

I am also a member of the McMaster Centre for Software Certification. Within the Centre, we manage several projects. Amongst them are the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence sponsored project Certification of Safety Critical Software-Intensive Systems, of which I am the Principal Investigator. This project focuses on the development and certification of critical systems in several domains, including nuclear power generation, medical devices, financial software, FPGA based implementations of safety systems. Another large project managed through the Centre is the Network for the Engineering of Complex Software-Intensive Systems for Automotive Systems, sponsored by the Automotive Partnership Canada. I am also the Principal Investigator of this project. I am also a co-founder of the Software Certification Consortium.

TSE Maibaum
BSc (Toronto, 1970)
PhD (London, 1974)

Canada Research Chair
in the
Foundations of Software Engineering

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