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4th Annual McMaster Optimization Conference: Theory and Applications

July 28-30, 2004

    McMaster University, Hamilton, ON Canada

Industrial Optimization:  Status and Prospects

Garret N. (Gary) Vanderplaats, PhD, PE
Vanderplaats R&D Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO

The general state of the art in optimization will be briefly reviewed. This will focus on optimization algorithm development since the 1950s. The technology has progressed from the point where we can solve problems of only a few variables to being able to deal with many thousands of variables. Additionally, specific methods that make structural optimization particularly efficient will be outlined. In this case, we can optimize very large and complex structures with tens of thousands of design variables and constraints for the cost of about a dozen finite element analyses. This is followed by a discussion of current commercial software for design optimization. Examples will be offered to demonstrate the state of the art in applications. These include examples in structures, computational fluid mechanics, thermal cooling and others. Finally, future prospects for making optimization a mainstream design tool will be discussed.

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