Learning objectives

Postcondition. A learning objective for a course is something the student is expected to know and understand or to be able to do by the end of the course. The learning objectives for this course are given below. Taken together, this set of learning objectives constitute the postcondition of the course.

Students should know and understand
  1. issues in floating-point (FP) computations, overflow, cancellations, roundoff errors
  2. truncation errors
  3. solving linear systems
  4. linear least squares
  5. solving non-linear equations
  6. interpolation
  7. numerical integration
  8. stability of methods for initial-value problems in ordinary differential equations

Students should be able to
  1. perform roundoff error analysis
  2. derive error bounds
  3. interpret numerical results

  4. perform simple complexity analysis
  5. analyze convergence
  6. analyze stability
  7. write Matlab programs implementing numerical methods

Precondition. The precondition of the course is the set of university-level learning objectives that the student is expected to have achieved before the start of the course.

The precondition includes knowledge of

linear algebra