Before considering the examples below, you may find it helpful to read the paper
The Design and Implementation of an Object-Oriented Validated ODE Solver

The first example in this paper is from the following three files:

The makefile is Makefile.am. This makefile is used for all the examples in this directory.

In the second example in this paper, we used the file DemoVDP2.cc instead of DemoVDP.cc

In the examples directory, we have also provided VNODE files to integrate Lorenz's system, the two-body problem, the Stiff Detest problem D1, and the Detest Problem C3.

To integrate the Lorenz's system, we write the following three files:

    1. Lorenz.h
    2. Lorenz.cc
    3. DemoLorenz.cc
The last one, DemoLorenz.cc, is obtained from DemoVDP.cc by replacing the string "VDP" in DemoVDP.cc with "Lorenz", thus obtaining DemoLorenz.cc.

Other examples of integrating the Lorenz's system are given in DemoLorenz1, DemoLorenz2, and DemoLorenz3.

The files for integrating the two-body problem are as follows:

    1. TwoBody.h
    2. TwoBody.cc
    3. DemoTwoBody.cc
Similarly, the files for integrating the Stiff Detest problem D1 are given as:
    1. StiffDetestD1.h
    2. StiffDetestD1.cc
    3. DemoStiffDetestD1.cc
and the files for integrating the Detest problem C3 are given as:
    1. DetestC3.h
    2. DetestC3.cc
    3. DemoDetestC3.cc