To date, VNODE has been used with the GNU C++ compiler on SUN Sparc machines running Solaris and Intel x86 machines running Linux.

Since VNODE uses

  • the interval arithmetic package PROFIL/BIAS  and
  • the automatic differentiation packages FADBAD/TADIFF ,
  • these packages must be installed before installing VNODE.

    In addition, you must have installed on your system gnuplot, autoconf, automake, and the free dmake utility.

    We present first some notes on installing PROFIL/BIAS and FADBAD/TADIFF, and then we describe the installation of VNODE

    Notes on Installing PROFIL/BIAS

    We recommend that the PROFIL/BIAS and FADBAD/TADIFF packages be installed in the following directory structure.

                         +--- Profil
                         |      |
                         |      +--- BIAS
                         +--- FADBAD
                         +--- TADIFF

    Notes on Installing FADBAD/TADIFF

          Note: The output of the configure script should look like this.

    Installing VNODE

    Once you have installed these packages you can install VNODE, by executing the following steps.
    1. Execute
    2. gunzip vnode-2.0.tar.gz
      tar -xvf vnode-2.0.tar
      cd vnode-2.0
    3. In the file vnode-2.0/, set the path to the directories containing PROFIL, FADBAD, and TADIFF by editing the line
    4. HOME= ...
      in That is, you should replace /net/arg/home/ned by the path to INTERVAL_TOOLS.
    5. If the multi-precision package is not installed, remove from the files
    6. vnode-2.0/examples/
      the options -lLr -lLi in the line starting with LDADD.
    7. Execute
    8. ./configure
      The make utility should create the library libvnode.a in the subdirectory src, several demo programs in the subdirectory examples and several test programs in the subdirectory test.
    9. Execute
    10. ./Test
      in the vnode-2.0/test directory. This test script will run several test programs.