McMaster University

Computer Science Practice and Experience: Operating Systems
(Comp Sci 3SH3)

Term 2, Winter 2017

Tentative Course Schedule

Mid-term (50 minutes) scheduled on March 1st (Wednesday) in class.

Week Date Chapter(s) Labs/Tutorials Assignments
Part 1: Overview
Week 1 Jan 4th Introduction
Jan 5th Operating System Structures Lab 1 (Take Home)
Part 2: Process Management
Week 2 Jan 9th Processes (updated), Threads (Updated) Lab 2a, Lab 2b(corrected), Tutorial 1
Week 3 Jan 16th Synchronization Part-I Lab 3a, Fork examples, Tutorial 2 , Lab Test 1 solution Corrected - Assignment I
Week 4 Jan 23rd Synchronization Part II, Part III Lab 4a and Lab 4b, Tutorial 3
Week 5 Jan 30th Deadlocks Lab 5a and Lab 6a, Tutorial 4, Lab Test 2 solution
Week 6 Feb 6th CPU Scheduling, Bonus Exam Lab 6b and Lab 7a, Tutorial 5
Part 3: Memory Management
Week 7 Feb 13th Main Memory (updated) Tutorial 6, Lab Test 3 solution Assignment II, addresses.txt, BACKING_STORE.bin, Correct Output
Recess Week (FEB 20 -25)
Week 8 Feb 27th Virtual Memory-I, Mid-Term Lab 8a, 8b and 9a, labaddr.txt, Tutorial 7
Week 9 March 6th Virtual Memory-II Tutorial 8, addrlabtest4.txt, Lab test 4 solution
Part 4: Storage Management
Week 10 March 13th Mass-Storage Structure updated Lab 10a, 10b and 11a, characters.txt, Tutorial 9 Assignment III-updated
Week 11 March 20th File-System Interface and Implementation Tutorial 10, text1.txt, text2.txt,Lab test 5 solution
Week 12 March 27th I/O Systems Lab 12a, 12b and 13a, output.txt, Tutorial 11
Part 5: Protection and Security
Week 13 April 3rd Security, Final Exam Review Tutorial 12, file1.txt, output.txt,Lab test 6 solution