• News- May, 2018:

  • Seyedmorteza Mirhoseininejad had his paper “EAWA: Energy-aware workload assignment in data centers” accepted to The 2018 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS 2018). Congratulations, Morteza!

  • News- February, 2018:

  • Wea'am Alrashed successfully defended her M.A.Sc. thesis. Congratulations, Wea'am!

  • News- December, 2017:

  • The following Ph.D. positions are available:

    1. PhD position in fault detection and tolerance in data centres.
    2. PhD position in data centre load profile modelling.
    3. PhD position to develop a data centre design, operations and maintenance decision tool.
    4. PhD position in optimization of modular data centres.
  • News- November, 2017:

  • Vincent Maccio successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Energy-aware multiserver queueing systems with setup times: Structural properties, exact analysis, and asymptotic performance”. Congratulations, Vincent!

  • News- October, 2017:

  • Guang Mo successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis - Congratulations, Guang!

  • News- July, 2017:

  • Congratulations to Vincent Maccio, winner of the CORS Queueing Special Interest Group Student Paper Prize. He was presented with his award at this year’s CORS/IFORS Conference in Quebec City. Well deserved, Vincent!


  • News- May, 2017:

  • Rachel Mailach had her paper, “Scheduling jobs with estimation errors for multi-server systems” accepted to the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29). Congratulations, Rachel!

  • News- February, 2017:

  • The following Ph.D. position is available:

    The Computing Infrastructure Research Centre (CIRC) at McMaster University is bringing transformative changes in the way data centres (DCs) and other forms of computing infrastructure are designed, built, and operated. CIRC is the first data centre research facility in Canada and among very few others worldwide, and boasts a pioneering model of university-industry collaboration. Its research is market-focused and needs-driven, ensuring that its resources are fully leveraged in solving problems that create value to industry and society. CIRC is looking for a PhD Student in Fault Detection and Prediction in Datacentres

    The candidate will do research in the area of fault detection and prediction in a DC. The proposed research can be grouped into three main activities. First, s/he will develop algorithms that can utilize data obtained from a wireless sensor network distributed in the DC and other sources, e.g., voltage and current waveforms, in real time to detect anomalies. An anomaly will be detected when the measurement data deviates from the expected behaviour. Second, the candidate will develop algorithms to analyze the root causes of detected anomalies. Third, IT equipment failure prediction models will be developed through data collected through longitudinal studies at DC facilities on campus and accessible through our industrial partner.

    We are looking for a candidate who holds a Masters degree with an excellent academic record in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science or a related field from an internationally recognized institution. A strong interest in experimental work is required and previous experience with prediction models is an advantage. Proficiency in English is a requirement

    For further information about the position please contact Dr. Douglas Down (downd@mcmaster.ca) and/or visit our website circ.mcmaster.ca

  • News- December, 2016:

  • Rachel Mailach successfully defended her M.A.Sc. thesis and Aili Zou successfully completed her M.Eng. Congratulations, Rachel and Alice!

  • News- September, 2016:

  • Lei Zhang had his paper, "A stable Mean Value Analysis algorithm for closed systems with load-dependent queues” accepted to VALUETOOLS 2016. Congratulations, Lei!

  • News- August, 2016:

  • Welcome to new student Peter Han (M.Eng)

  • News- June, 2016:

  • On June 15, Tim Johnston successfully defended his M.A.Sc. thesis. Congratulations, Tim!

  • News- May, 2016:

  • Vincent Maccio had his paper, "Exact analysis of energy-aware multiserver queueing systems with setup times,” accepted to MASCOTS 2016. Congratulations, Vincent!

    Welcome to new students Hatim Rehman (NSERC USRA), Jenell Hogg (summer student), Morteza Mirhoseininejad (PhD)

    CanQueue 2016 will be held at McMaster. Mor Harchol-Balter is our keynote speaker.More details

    Vincent Maccio is the recipient of a 2016-2017 Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Congratulations, Vincent!

    Vincent Maccio will be presenting his work at the upcoming CORS meeting in Banff (May 30-June 1, 2016)

  • News in the academic year 15-16:

  • Welcome to new students Wea'am Alrashed (M.A.Sc.), Runze Zhang (M.Eng.), Alice Zou (M.Eng.), Shengjie Huang (M.Eng.)!

  • News in the academic year 14-15:

  • Lei Zhang successfully defended his PhD thesis: "Performance Models for Legacy System Migration and Multi-core Computers - an MVA Approach" on September 8th. Congratulations, Lei!

    Lei Zhang received an Engineering Travel Assistance Award, which was used for him to present his paper at the SPECTS 2015 conference in Chicago from July 26-29.

    Lei Zhang had his paper, "Approximate Mean Value Analysis for Multi-core Systems" accepted to SPECTS 2015. Congratulations, Lei!

    Vincent Maccio had his paper, "On Optimal Control for Energy-Aware Queueing Systems" accepted to the 27th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 27). Congratulations, Vincent!

    Vincent Maccio had his paper, "On Optimal Policies for Energy-Aware Servers" accepted to Performance Evaluation. Congratulations, Vincent!

    Welcome to Rachel Mailach, who is starting her M.A.Sc. in Software Engineering, and Guang Mo, whose NSERC USRA work will be done in RASSL, May 4, 2015.

    Our RASSL lunch meetings will continue this term in ITB-128 at 12pm every Thursday.

    Doug Down gave two presentations at INFORMS San Francisco - "Combining Queueing and Scheduling Theories - A Flexible Server Study" and "Control of Energy-Aware Servers" (joint with Vincent Maccio).

  • News in the academic year 13-14:

  • Yinghui Wang had her paper, "On Resource Pooling in SITA-like Parallel Server Systems", accepted to the 26th International Teletraffic Congress. Congratulations, Yinghui!

    Vincent Maccio was awarded an Ontario Graduate Fellowship for 2014-15. Congratulations, Vincent!

    Ane Izagirre will be giving a talk, "Sojourn time approximations in a multi-class time-sharing server" in ITB-201 at 11am April 28. Abstract and details.

    Vincent Maccio was nominated for a Dean's Excellence Award for 2013-14, receiving an award of $5,000. Well done, Vincent!

    Anis Yousefi successfully defended her PhD thesis: "Defect Localization Using Dynamic Call Tree Mining and Request Replication: An Alternative to QoS-aware Service Selection" on October 23. Congratulations, Anis!

    Vincent Maccio successfully defended his M.A.Sc. thesis, "On optimal policies for energy-aware servers" on September 13. Congratulations, Vincent!

  • News in the academic year 12-13:

  • Aysan Rasooli successfully defended her PhD thesis: "Improving Scheduling in Heterogeneous Grid and Hadoop Systems" on July 30. Congratulations, Aysan!

    Vincent Maccio had his paper "On Optimal Policies for Energy-Aware Servers" accepted to MASCOTS 2013. Great job, Vincent!
    Update - Vincent's paper is one of the four finalists for Best Paper at the conference.

    Aysan Rasooli had her paper "A hybrid scheduling approach for scalable heterogeneous Hadoop systems" accepted at MTAGS 2012 (a workshop at the SC12 conference). Congratulations Aysan!

    Doug Down will be giving a talk at Waterloo on October 22nd.

    Hosein Yarmand and Yinghui Wang gave talks on their research at CanQueue 2012.

    Group meetings will continue this term in ITB/128 on Tuesdays from 12-1.

  • News in the academic year 11-12:

  • In the summer of 2012, we will have our RASSL Lunch Meeting in ITB-128 at 12pm every Monday.

    Yinghui Wang will present her work on SITA-E type policies at the annual CORS meeting in Niagara Falls, June 11-13.

    A paper on combining queueing and scheduling theories will be presented at ICAPS 2012 (joint work with D. Terekhov, T.T. Tran, J.C. Beck at the University of Toronto).

    Aysan Rasooli presented "Classification and Optimization based Scheduler for MapReduce Systems" at the University of Waterloo on March 23th 2012..

    Anis Yousefi presented her paper, "Request Replication: An Alternative to QoS-Aware Service Selection" at SOCA'11 on December 14th.

    We won the "Carving Pumpkin Competition of CAS" in Halloween (on October 28th)!!!

RASSL Lunch at Phoenix