CS/SE 2S03 T1 2014/15

All assignments will be handed in electronically using Avenue.

  1. Assignment 0 tests whether you can follow instructions. You will need the HelloWorld.java file to complete the assignment.
  2. Assignment 1 tests Basic Java skills. You will need to find your student id to find the information for your version of the assignment. There is also a Guide for how to set up JUnit in Eclipse.
  3. Assignment 2 continues to test your Java skills. You will need to refer to a list of student ids to get your personalized assignment. Based on the following bad code, I did part of this assignment, obtaining some new code and the list of steps to get there.
  4. Assignment 3 is about records and arrays. As mentioned in the document, use WrongLength.java, MatrixVector.java, and Testing.java as examples of declaring and using exceptions.
  5. Assignment 4 is about Stacks, Queues and Priority Queues. To complete it, you will need the 3 interfaces MyPriorityQueue", MyQueue", and MyStack", as well as the exception EmptyContainerException". Also note that there is a lot of relevant code right in the textbook (and the class ntoes) that you should refer to (and use) to complete this assignment.
  6. Assignment 5 asks you to complete the implementation of a small Calculator, using a set of classes and inheritance. There is also some code ( fora5.zip ) from which to start from.


  1. Assignment 3. There are many different ways to do this correctly - this is just one of them.
  2. Assignment 4 sample
  3. Assignment 5 (will be posted after due date).

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