CS/SE 2S03 T1 2014/15

Posted here will be the slides and other material for most classes. PoPL is short for the main textbook, "Principles of Programming Languages", and I list sections for each week. JA is short for "Java Actually".

  1. Week of Sep 3: course outline
  2. Week of Sep 8: programming languages. PoPL:1.1
  3. Week of Sep 15:statements, state (see Week 1). PoPL:1.3.1-1.3.2.
  4. Week of Sep 22:state, expr and stmt interpreters. PoPL:1.3.3-1.3.5.
  5. Week of Sep 29:functions, return, globals, main, shadowing, overloading PoPL: 2.1
  6. Week of Oct 6:sem. of functions, objects, classes. PoPL: 2.2. JA: 5, 7. In class, used Song.java, and SongManipulation.java. I also quickly showed the Scala equivalent: Song.scala, and SongManipulation.scala.
  7. Week of Oct 13:sem. of functions 2, order of eval, namespaces. PoPL: 2.3
  8. Week of Oct 20:recursion, records, constructors, sharing, Eq, wrappers. PoPL: 3, 4.1-4.4; in class, some array of Point code was used.
  9. Week of Oct 27:arrays. PoPL:4.5
  10. Week of Nov 3:Dynamic data types, programming with lists PoPL: 5.1-5.5, 6.1-6.4
  11. Week of Nov 10:stacks, queues, exceptions, inheritance PoPL:6.5, 7, 8.6. JA 10, 16. Includes List.java, FStack.java, and Stack.java.
  12. Week of Nov 17:polymorphism, interfaces, collections, generics, switch, and static classes. JA 12,13.
  13. Week of Nov 24:A5 classes, collections, generics, switch. JA 15.3, 15.4. See A5 for code.
  14. Week of Dec 1:Architecture (last slide)

It is likely that things will slip a little from the above schedule. There is some built-in time in Week12 to absorb that.

Furthermore, some of the topics from last year may not be covered this year. So slides in the future may not be an entirely accurate description of the material that will be covered.

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