SE 3GB3 T2 2011/12

All assignments will be handed in electronically using Avenue.

I recommend learning either vim (which I use all the time) or emacs (which I ought to know, but don't) for editing. Of course, if your language of choice comes with a good IDE, use that! It takes a bit of time to learn, but the long-term rewards are definitely worth it.

  1. The details can be found as a PDF -- 2D Physics simulators. The Java files can be downloaded as a zip file (instead of one-by-one from the web site).
  2. Assignment 2 is about presenting some chapters from the textbook.
  3. Assignment 3 is about modularizing a game. The text file you need is inside a zip file which also contains sound files and other material to make the game 'whole'.
  4. Assignment 4 asks you to analyze physics-based games.
  5. Assignment 5 asks you to analyze gameplay.

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