SE 3GB3 T2 2010/11
Class Material

Here are the slides and other material used in the in-class presentations.

ChapterAssigned toMaterials
4AJeffrey Braches
4BChristopher Harringtonslides (pptx) and notes (pdf)
6ABryan Ramoulslides (odp - open office)
6BYiyu (Val) Yaoslides (pptx)
7ABlayne Tilbannotes (pdf)
7BAdam Bysice
8AKevin Barretnotes (docx)
8BAaron ChaissonChapter 8b slides (pdf)
9AAlexander Halliwushkaslides (pptx)
9BMiguel Rolonnotes (txt)
10AKarl Good slides (pptx), notes (docx), and Videos (links in .txt)
10BAlexander Zaranekslides (pptx)
11AKeely Brown
11BMatthew Nero
12aAzhar Dewjislides (pptx)

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