Lei Zhang

I finished my Ph.D. under the supervison of Dr. Down in 2015.

I completed my Bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University (China), and Master's degree from The University of Hong Kong.

My current research interest is performance evaluation and prediction for software/system migration.

TechReport 2013: PELE - An MVA-based Performance Evaluation Methodology for Computer System Migration. Technical Report CAS-13-03-DD, McMaster University, 2013.

Conference paper 2011: Performance Evaluation for Software Migration. ICPE 2011.

Conference paper 2015: Approximate Mean Value Analysis for Multi-core Systems. SPECTS 2015.

We have developed two TPC-W kits (based on Tibor Horvath's implementation) for open systems and semi-open systems, respectively. Please contact zhangl64 at mcmaster dot ca to acquire source codes.