J.I. Zucker and H. Shen (1998): Table Transformations: Theory and Tools, McMaster University, Dept of Computing and Software, Report CAS 98-01; also Communications Research Laboratory (CRL) Report 363. [text.ps.gz, tables.ps ( Note: the file "tables.ps" contains two tables to be inserted between pages 4 and 5 of the text.)]

Abstract. We work in a theory of function tables, similar to, and inspired by, that given in the work of D. Parnas. Table transformation algorithms transform one kind of table into another, preserving the semantics. We consider, in particular, two kinds of function tables: normal and inverted. We study effective transformations between tables of these two kinds, as well as transformations which change the dimension of a table. We also consider the interrelationship between these three types of transformation.

Most of these algorithms have been implemented as part of the Table Tool System developed by the Software Engineering Research Group at McMaster University. Some of the issues related to implementation are discussed.