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Welcome to CAS technical support wiki, it provides information about computing resources in our department. We maintain a computing infrastructure which supports following areas, listed in priority order:

  • educational (facilities which support undergrad and grad courses)
  • administrative (office and faculty)
  • research

If you're an instructor teaching a course, please consult our labs, software and servers pages to verify your requirements are met, contact us to request additional resources.

Undergraduate Teaching Labs

Room Workstations Seat Capacity Description
ITB-134 BYOD 40 Capstone Project
ITB-232 10 20 Experiential Learning
ITB-235 25 50 Realtime Systems
ITB-236 BYOD 66 Software Systems
ITB-237 BYOD 48 General Access Lab
ITB-238 18 36 Embedded Systems

Lab Assignments 2019/2020

Term 1

Course Lab Software Used
CS 3GC3 / SE 3GC3 ITB-237 --
CS 4HC3 / SE 4HC3 ITB-237 --
MT 3TA4 ITB-238 MPLAB, CodeVision AVR, Kiel MDK
MT 4AA4 / SE 4AA4 ITB-235 myRIO 1900, Labview 2015
SE 3K04 ITB-236 Atmel Studio 7

Term 2

Course Lab Software Used
CS 3C03 / SE 4C03 ITB-237 --
CS 3SH3 ITB-237 --
MT 3DX4 / SE 3DX4 ITB-235 Labview, Matlab, Octave, MyRIO
MT 3TB4 ITB-238 Quartus, DE2 board
SE 2DA4 ITB-238 Quartus, DE2 board
SE 3SH3 ITB-236 --
SE 3XA3 ITB-236 --