SWFR ENG 3O03 / COMP SCI 4O03 (6O03)
Linear Optimization


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 12:30-13:20


Monday 10:30-11:20
Monday 13:30-14:20
Tuesday 10:30-11:20
Tuesday 16:30-17:20
Wednesday 10:30-11:20

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Antoine Deza
Email: deza@mcmaster.ca
Office hours: Friday 13:30-14:20

Teaching assistants

Marvin Hao
Email: hao6@mcmaster.ca
Office hours: Thursday 15:30-16:20

Harshil Modi
Email: modih1@mcmaster.ca
Office hours: Friday 16:00-16:50

Carlos Suarez
Email: suarezhc@mcmaster.ca
Office hours: Monday 16:30-17:20

Zhi Zhang
Email: zhangz1@mcmaster.ca
Office hours: Thursday 13:30-14:20

Suggested textbook

"Operations Research: Deterministic Optimization Models"
by Katta G. Murty
Prentica Hall, 1995

Slides, assignments, exams, and grading

Slides, assignments, and exams are available via Avenue to Learn .
There will be 3 written assignments, one midterm, and one final exam.
Check Avenue to Learn for handed out date & due date for assignments, and midterm and final exams date.

Your final grade will be computed as follows: Assignments 30% (3 x 10%), Midterm 30%, Final 40% .

The instructor reserves the right to conduct any deferred exams orally.

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for graduate students taking the course as 6O03,
the final grade will be computed as follow: Assignments 24% (3 x 8%), Midterm 25%, Final 35%, report 16%.

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