The Harry Lyman Hooker Senior Fellowships

The Harry Lyman Hooker Senior Fellowships are made possible through a bequest from the estate of Harry Lyman Hooker. These awards are given to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents who are entering the first year of a Master's or Doctoral program at McMaster University in those Humanities or Social Sciences disciplines or fields of study that receive funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (or its successor). Three awards are available to Doctoral students and two awards are available to Master's students. Doctoral awards are valued at $20,000 in the first year and $14,000 in each of three subsequent years that the student continues to remain registered in good standing in the doctoral program he/she originally entered at this University. Master's awards are valued at $15,000 and are normally for one year only. However, in cases where the Master's student is in a two-year program, she/he may apply to the School of Graduate Studies to be considered for up to two additional terms of funding to a maximum of $4,000 per term. Holders of this award at the Master's level are eligible to re-apply for the doctoral competition. In the case of both Doctoral and Master's Awards, funding beyond the first year is conditional upon the Hooker Award holder applying for doctoral funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (or its successor) and for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship if he/she is eligible to be considered for these awards. In cases where a Hooker Award winner also receives another fellowship or monetary award from this University or any other source, the Hooker Award will be reduced to the difference between the other award and the amount of the Hooker Award indicated above.