About MGST

MGST is a testing bed for resource management policies in Desktop Grid Architecture.

MGST was designed to be a testing environment that gives testers the ability to simulate a heterogeneous grid in the case that homogeneous servers are being used. In addition, MGST is extensible in a way that allows testers to add new scheduling schemes.

Motivation behind MGST

  • The ability to test scheduling schemes under realistic conditions.
  • To able to test Desktop grids that have heterogeneous nodes.
  • To perform the tests in a timely simple manner.

What is MGST?

  • A framework for the performance evaluation of resource management strategies.
  • MGST is flexible and extensible.

How does MGST work?

  • MGST-server software is installed on the servers (nodes).
  • MGST-mapper software is installed on a central Mapper.
  • The Scheme is defined by extending a java class.
  • Perform test and analysis.

Using MGST provides insight not achievable by other means, such as simulation.

  • Implementation issues/oversights in modeling.
  • Performance Analysis.

Mailing List

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