Equivalence Preserving Transformations for Timed Transition Models

by M. Lawford and W.M. Wonham

Abstract: The increasing use of computer control systems in safety-critical real-time systems has led to a need for methods to ensure the correct operation of real-time control systems. Through an example, this paper introduces the use of algebraic equivalence to verify the correct operation of such systems. A controller is considered verified if its implementation is proven to be equivalent to its specification. Real-time systems are modeled using a modified version of Ostroff's Timed Transition Models (TTMs), which is introduced along with our adaptation of Milner's observation equivalence to TTMs. A set of ``behavior preserving'' transformations is then developed, shown to be consistent for proving observation equivalence, and then applied to solve an industrial real-time controller software verification problem. Finally the incompleteness of a given set of transformations is briefly discussed.


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