Symbolic Decentralized Supervisory Control

Urvashi Agarwal, M.Sc. Thesis, Dept. of Computing and Software, McMaster University, March 2014.


A decentralized discrete-event system (DES) consists of supervisors that are physically distributed. Co-observability is one of the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a decentralized supervisors that correctly solve the control problem. In this thesis we present a state-based definition of co-observability and introduce algorithms for its verification. Existing algorithms for the verification of co-observability do not scale well, especially when the system is composed of many components. We show that the implementation of our state-based definition leads to more efficient algorithms.

We present a set of algorithms that use an existing structure for the verification of state-based co-observability (SB Co-observability). A computational complexity analysis of the algorithms show that the state-based implementation of algorithms result in quadratic complexity. Further improvements come from using a more compact way of representing finite-state machines namely Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD).


Shift+click to download: uAgarwalMSc14.pdf (1943kB PDF).