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Signals and Systems

SFWR ENG 3MX3, Term I 2018-2019


Dr. M. v. Mohrenschildt, ITB 164, mohrens
Office hours: Most things we can solved when you come to me before or after the lecture. We find a general time for office hours or by appointment (please e-mail for appointment).

Lectures, Tutorials

Lectures: Monday, Thursday 12:30PM - 1:20PM, Tuesday 1:30PM - 2:20PM, HE 264


   Tu 12:30PM - 1:20PM BSB 105, 
   Th 11:30AM - 12:20PM ETB 238,
   Mo 1:30PM - 2:20PM ABB B118 ,
   Tu 2:30PM - 3:20PM BSB 121,


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The book is not required, but the course uses the notation form this book and covers most topics from this book.

"Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems", E. Lee, P. Varaiya, ISBN 0-201-74551-8 Addison Wesley

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Grades, Mid-terms, and Exams

Major Topics

The following outline is approximate.

Applications and examples are given throughout the course.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are measured and reported to the CEAB as part of the accreditation process.


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Academic Dishonesty

You are expected to exhibit honesty and use ethical behavior in all aspects of the learning process. Academic credentials you earn are rooted in principles of honesty and academic integrity.

Academic dishonesty is to knowingly act or fail to act in a way that results or could result in unearned academic credit or advantage. This behavior can result in serious consequences, e.g. the grade of zero on an assignment, loss of credit with a notation on the transcript (notation reads: "Grade of F assigned for academic dishonesty?") and/or suspension or expulsion from the university.

It is your responsibility to understand what constitutes academic dishonesty. For information on the various types of academic dishonesty please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy, located at .

The following illustrates only three forms of academic dishonesty:


Calculators (the standard McMaster calculator) are used in this course and their use will be permitted during tests and final.